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Maikrahv feasts

Noble Aldermen Feast
Great Guild feast
Blackheads Brotherhood Feast
Christmas Feasts (avaliable 15th of November - 15th of January) 

As soon as our honourable guests arrive at the Maikrahv, their overcoats will be taken from them.
They will then be shown to their tables where cold dishes and a good time are already waiting for them. The waiting staff of the Maikrahv will tell the guests all about the dishes on the table and assure them that they can eat to their heart’s content without fear that the food will run out. Our staff can also tell you many stories about the Maikrahv and they will be most happy to do so should the guests be willing to listen.

When the time is right, all kinds of delicacies will be taken to the table. You are welcome to eat as much as it takes to quench your God-given appetite. And this is only a small part of all the delicious food that the Maikrahv offers its guests. Once your bellies are pleasantly full, you will be presented with a superb dessert, which should win our guests’ hearts for good. Then you can have a rest and maybe a little chaser before you will be ready to head home. You have just experienced another superior evening in the Maikrahv.